Weekly Photo Challenge: Door


I kinda forgot when this picture was taken. All I can remember was my friend in the office just got his new smartphone and want to took pictures here and there. He asked me to became his model. Well since we’re not too busy so I said yes.

Among all his other pictures, I prefer this one. I even use this picture in my other blog as my profile picture. I love how the picture said that I welcome the guests at the door, to enter my place. Sometimes I miss those time, when I can take pictures with my friends hehehe.

Weekly photo challenge with theme Door


Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way


It was back in January 2015. I was in Bali and on my way to Ubud from airport. Then there’s a traffic jam. All vehicles stopped. I was a bit worried about my schedule. I asked the driver what’s going on, then I heard of traditional music was playing. The driver replied, “I think there will be Ngaben ceremony.”

Ngaben is a cremation ritual from Bali. If someone died, people in Bali usually will held this ceremony. After 10 minutes of waiting, the group finally passed my car. According to my driver, judging by coffin probably someone prominent passed away.

Wish I can watch the ritual. In Bali, this ritual is a serious business. Few years ago, one of the royal families in Bali hold Ngaben ceremony and it took one month preparation, probably longer. I want to go back to Bali hehehe.

*Weekly Photo Challenge On the Way

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun is Rising

I happened to have several pictures about morning light. Again, because I travel to some places. Living in a busy city like Jakarta makes you hard to get a chance watching sunrise.

The sun finally showed its first light. This was at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java. A place where you can watch sunrise with a glimpse of Borobudur Temple.
Sun rose and spread its yellow ray at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java
A bit late but when you have a vacation in an island like Derawan, make sure to have this moment. Took this picture in a porch of our room.

*Weekly Photo Challenge with theme Early Bird

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let’s Float

This week’s theme really nice! I have to find my pictures “floating” and have to selected which one to display here hehehe. Apparently, I always took the “floating” image during traveling.


My first attempt back in 2011,,, In Makassar
My first attempt back in 2011,,, In Makassar
Jump with whole travel mates
Jump with whole travel mates
Jumping jumping!
Jumping jumping!
Feeding the fishes
Feeding the fishes
Snorkeling in Derawan
Snorkeling in Derawan


*Weekly Photo Challenge with theme Afloat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemereal


These flowers,,, previously bloom so beautifully. When they finished their job, they wither beautifully, too.

I took this picture on my Singapore travel at Gardens By The Bay. Only this spot covered by withered flowers. In few hours, they will swept away…

This is my post for Ephemeral

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange You Glad It’s Photo Challenge Time

This is my first time participate in Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Orange You Glad It’s Photo Challenge Time.

I realized, most of my orange theme pictures came when I was travelling. So here’s the compilation of orange in my pictures.

*This is my post for Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?