Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way


It was back in January 2015. I was in Bali and on my way to Ubud from airport. Then there’s a traffic jam. All vehicles stopped. I was a bit worried about my schedule. I asked the driver what’s going on, then I heard of traditional music was playing. The driver replied, “I think there will be Ngaben ceremony.”

Ngaben is a cremation ritual from Bali. If someone died, people in Bali usually will held this ceremony. After 10 minutes of waiting, the group finally passed my car. According to my driver, judging by coffin probably someone prominent passed away.

Wish I can watch the ritual. In Bali, this ritual is a serious business. Few years ago, one of the royal families in Bali hold Ngaben ceremony and it took one month preparation, probably longer. I want to go back to Bali hehehe.

*Weekly Photo Challenge On the Way


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun is Rising

I happened to have several pictures about morning light. Again, because I travel to some places. Living in a busy city like Jakarta makes you hard to get a chance watching sunrise.

The sun finally showed its first light. This was at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java. A place where you can watch sunrise with a glimpse of Borobudur Temple.
Sun rose and spread its yellow ray at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java
A bit late but when you have a vacation in an island like Derawan, make sure to have this moment. Took this picture in a porch of our room.

*Weekly Photo Challenge with theme Early Bird

Speak Mandarin

It’s always my dream to travel to China. It all started when I was a little girl, watched kung fu series and movies. I was fascinated with the costumes. Along the time, I read about the history and inspired me to learn Mandarin.

Mandarin is one of the language that commonly use in the world. So it would be nice if one day I wake up and be fluent in Mandarin, considering this language is complicated one. Wrong intonation, wrong meaning. Not to mention the letters,,, a lot! So it will be cool if one day the magic comes to me, make me fluent in Mandarin.

The first thing I want to do is applying to a place where they need Mandarin speakers. Probably like embassy or commercial companies. I saw lots of job vacancy requires fluency in Mandarin. It will be a good opportunity for my career. Who knows, I can visit China one day for business trip hehehe.

Lots of place to visit in China. With my knowledge in Mandarin, I can communicate easily with locals and understand what is written. With that, I also can good bargain to when I go shopping hehehe. I do believe speaking Mandarin will open lots of opportunity for me…

*Prompt 16 April: If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills? Take That, Rosetta!

Switch With

I’ve read many blogs and often inspired me to do something. Take traveling for example. I decided to do traveling after I read The Naked Traveler. The blog inspired me to explore new places, both Indonesia and outside Indonesia. However, there is one blog that makes me want to taste their adventure. The blog is Dua Ransel (Two Backpaks).

The owner of this awesome travel blog is husband and wife named Ryan and Dina. They traded the comfortable and steady life to became digital nomads since 2009. Yes, they literally backpacking to more than 40 countries! In each countries, they will share stories about their lives. Where they stay, how they work and of course tips to travel.

The life of the young couple really exciting! I want to experience their lives and write it in a blog post. Yes, I want to switch with them for a week. I imagine lots of things to see, listen and feel. Try new places and meet new friends. Most of all, by traveling I believe I rediscover myself, about what can I do.

Oh I do hope I can meet them in person hehehe.

*Prompt 6 April: If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why? Switcheroo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemereal


These flowers,,, previously bloom so beautifully. When they finished their job, they wither beautifully, too.

I took this picture on my Singapore travel at Gardens By The Bay. Only this spot covered by withered flowers. In few hours, they will swept away…

This is my post for Ephemeral

Travel to Singapore

From 13 March to 16 March 2015 I traveled to Singapore. During my stay here, I took MRT and visited lots of places. Apartment, offices, stations, malls, every places I could possibly visit. I found interesting pictures, announcements or anything on the wall. Here’s what I found:

This is my post for Wall