It’s My Opinion

Hmmm due to the prompt I need to write an opinion about one thing. So I chose this article since it became so much debate nowadays.

Government decided to blocked several Islamic sites because they spreading radicalism. When I looked at the list, some of the sites, I agreed, quite troubling me with the content. They called themselves Islamic sites, but the content spreading rumors and hatred. That’s not Islam way. Due to lots of protests from citizens, the government decided to blocked the sites.

Is this a correct way???

In my opinion, this action quite affected Islamic sites that true to the Islam’s spirit. For me, it’s like you burn the whole forest just to get rid of one damaged tree. Rather than banned, we could use legal way. We do have law that regulate internet actions. We can use the law as the base.

Legal way is more elegant than banning the sites. I guess people now wise enough to filtered the information they need.

PS. I couldn’t think more about anything. FLU!!!

*Prompt 4 April: Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic. IMHO


More Consideration Yet Expressive Enough

Do I a different person, online and offline occasion? My answer will be YES! However, in this post I will emphasize my communication style direct and indirect. Direct, of course will be face-to-face encounters. Indirect will be written communication (chat, email, social media).

People who know me will say that I’m one of the loudest person they’ve ever known. I can speak very frankly to the person I know very well. With someone I just meet, of course I will be more reserve. It takes time to be comfortable around new person. Although they will guess easily that I’m a loudest person. That’s how I communicate directly.

I guess, I’m more comfortable to express my opinion in written. In social media world, some of my friends call me the sarcastic b***h because my posts often insinuating issues, even person, in polite yet funny way. Hey that’s the use of social media, right? To discuss something serious in fun way. Well, I can be serious sometimes hehehe.

Often, I can’t express freely how I feel. For example, with my boyfriend. Few times I sent him an email to tell him how I feel. In written communication, personal one, sometimes I don’t need a reply. I just want to let it all out what’s inside my thought. That’s why I do have secret journal in my gadget to let all my sadness, anger, and frustration out. I choose words descriptively and never use analogy or metaphors. I want them to know how I really feel, straight to the point.

In that case, let’s say that yes I do expressive person in terms of written communication to someone I know.

*Prompt 2 April: How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium? It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World


Isn’t it a painful thing to see someone you love go in front of your eyes?

I saw my parents marriage crumbled in front of me

I saw the person I love the most betrayed my trust

Yes it hurt me so bad…

Yet it’s not the end

When I saw my Mum passed away… that’s the ultimate painful of all

The pain that I must endured whole my life

Suddenly I miss my Mum…

*Prompt 25 March: Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own. Third From the Top

Three Times A Charm

Part 1

I was playing with my tablet when suddenly I received newsletter from my favorite movie theater. It was limited screening of Gundam The Origin I. Excited, I contacted my boyfriend and told him about this. We arranged a double date with our friends to watch it. The weekend came, and apparently lots of Gundam fans also want to watch this movie. However, it was only an hour because this movie is the first part only. My boyfriend later told me, “It’s odd to watching Gundam movie without the Gundam itself.”


Part 2

I was visiting my boyfriend’s family for the first time. Yup, he finally introduced me to his family. After have a chit-chat with his parents, he took me to his room. His room is typically boys room. Comics, CDs, games and laptop dominating his room. One more thing, his Gundam collection. With proud he told me about each Gundam. I love Gundam series but honestly I had no idea what is he talking about. However, I appreciate the modelling kit activities. After that day, he often challenged me to build something. I built airplanes, tanks and Taj Mahal replica. Still waiting, Saint Seiya figurine and one set of World War 2 vehicles. Yup, apparently I love modelling kit. Just ordinary love.


Part 3

I remember the first time I met my boyfriend. Actually our first date kinda geeky. He accompanied me at Star Trek Event in Jakarta. I was playing paper craft. Yes it was very geeky of me, and apparently him. Finished with my activities, we went to the mall to find a place to eat. Then we passed a toy store and took a peek. That was the first time I saw him like a boy. He took one by one Gundam models, examined it and made a comments. He seems so happy. Me? I’m more attracted to Lego Series.  They have The Hobbit series!!! We spent 30 minutes there, then head to restaurant.


So the common thing in these posts was MODELLING KIT. I talked about Gundam a lot, but I also mentioned others. Yeah, apparently my boyfriend found a partner in me with these things 🙂

*Prompt 24 March: Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part. Weaving the Threads

Just Right

Every time I think about the “right moment”, I always relate it to my life experience, personally or professionally. Mostly, professionally.

My choices regarding my career is totally change my life, and also related to my Mum’s condition. Back in 2013, I thought of move to another company. I guess it’s about time. I already had interview in some companies and I even got offering letter to join. However, I chose to postponed it. A week later, my Mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

After 3 months, her treatment finished. Another job offering came to me. This time, without hesitate I accepted the offer. Such a blessing in disguise because this company supported me a lot during Mum’s second treatment for cancer. For 4 months they gave me lots of time off and work from home to take care of my Mum. A chance that I don’t know if I can get it from my previous office.

So my professional career,,, related a lot with family matters. I’m really grateful for the opportunities they gave me to took care of my Mum. I had no idea back then, because my reason to change career is to find another challenge. Turns out, changing career to devoting my time for Mum.

Everything just right…

*Prompt 22 March: Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.” Hello, Goldilocks!

It Will Haunt Me Forever

Surreal experience,,,

I thought I already experiencing everything. Nothing prepared me to what I will watch last year. The death of my Mum. It’s still hard until now, accepting the fact that she’s gone.

What made her passing surreal,,, I guess because it was me and my brother who made the call. Our Mum fought brain cancer for 4 months. She was admitted for the last time in ICU on 30 June 2014. Since then she didn’t wake up.

On third day the doctor called me and my brother. He said, medically our Mum already experiencing brain death. Her life now basically because of life support. No need to say that the words hit us hard. Family were called that day and we’re having a family meeting. Whole family decided that me and my brother made the call.

Me and my brother just sat silently while I was trying holding my tears. Then my Grandmum made a plea to us.

“That’s my baby girl inside. As her mother, I beg you please bring her home. I don’t want to see her suffer again.”

Those words hit me hard and I started to cry hard. My aunt hugged me tight. After 15 minutes, me and my brother decided to bring her home, with the risk she won’t hold on much long since we took the life support machine.

On 3 July 2014, families and friends came to saw my Mum for the last time. My colleagues from the office also came to support me. Finally we took my Mum home with an ambulance. During the trip, my brother whispered verses from Holy Koran to her ears. I prayed silently beside him. The paramedic monitored her pulse and said her pulse was weakening.

By the time the ambulance arrived in front of our house, she passed away.

A bit relieved because she died surrounded by family that love her until the end. On the other side, I still feel heavy inside my heart because it was my decision. Seeing someone pass away in front of you, especially it’s your parents, it’s a bit surreal.

It still haunts me until now… Gosh I miss my Mum so much…

*Prompt 21 March: What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had? Whoa!

Bittersweet Taste

For all the things that happened in the past week, I felt a bittersweet. I don’t think I can taste any sweet flavor until this week. The loss of my boyfriend’s father, which I called Dad, really hit me hard. Last year I lost my Mum, too. Experiencing another loss,,, so hard.

Usually, I’m a positive person, even in hardest day, I always think about vanilla ice cream and made me cheer up again. When it comes to deal with loss of your loved one, even the sweetest cake in the world will taste bitter in my mouth. Last week, I literally couldn’t eat much because I always think of Dad. Even when I went to Singapore, Dad always in my mind.

Every food I ate, I always said to myself, “Dad would love this food!”

Every place I visit, I always said to myself, “Dad would love to see the pictures!”

Yeah it was bitter. However, I taste sweet moment. My boyfriend asked me to take care of his Mum while he’s gone. In next few days he will go out of town for business. He trust me to take care of his Mum. I obviously said yes. I love his Mum like I love my own Mum. It’s an honor for me.

So yeah,,, bittersweet taste. That’s the flavor I tasted last week,,,

*Prompt 17 March: Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely? 32 Flavors

If I Could Turn Back Time

I think my posts lately a bit sentimental. Probably because I just in mourning period and suddenly I remember my Mum who died last year. Let’s say,,, I have several regrets and lots of “If only…” since the day she died until today.

If I can go back to those time where Mum was in treatment for her cancer. After the surgery, doctor told us that they can only removed the 70% of the cells. The other 30% must removed with radiotherapy. It should be done immediately.

However, we postponed until it’s too late. Since we were using health cover from government, we need to do the treatment on public hospital. The waiting list is so long. If I have more money, I will immediately transfer her to the best private hospital with the best treatment. Until her death, we still waiting. Her condition worsened so we couldn’t take her everywhere, including the hospital for radiotherapy. That’s my only regret.

Now, I’m trying to make redemption with my grandparents, Mum’s parents. Whenever they need me, I try my best to give my all. Not only in terms of money, but also moral support. I try to call them in daily basis, try to visit them every week.

People said, don’t feel regret about everything. This one is exception. I think I will feel this regret in very long time,,,

*Prompt 11 March: Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today.  Set It To Rights


When I decided to follow the Daily Post challenge, I committed to finish the challenge every day. However, I have to take hiatus for awhile, probably a week.

On 9 March 2015 afternoon, my boyfriend’s father passed away. The news hit me hard, also to my boyfriend’s family. Until now, I still in his house with his entire family. The funeral will be held on Wednesday 11 March 2015.

After a week, I will back to finish my challenge. In the meantime, please pray for us,,,


Rest In Peace,,, Already miss you,,,