Weekly Photo Challenge: Door


I kinda forgot when this picture was taken. All I can remember was my friend in the office just got his new smartphone and want to took pictures here and there. He asked me to became his model. Well since we’re not too busy so I said yes.

Among all his other pictures, I prefer this one. I even use this picture in my other blog as my profile picture. I love how the picture said that I welcome the guests at the door, to enter my place. Sometimes I miss those time, when I can take pictures with my friends hehehe.

Weekly photo challenge with theme Door


No Pet for Me

Am I animal lover? Well, at least I never throw a stone to stray cats or dogs. I let them enjoy their life in peace.

Am I a pet owner? Nope. I don’t have a pet and I don’t think pet is for me. I once a pet owner. One accident made me a bit trauma having a pet.

I once have two adorable hamsters. My friend gave them to me. My Mum called them Hamham and Taro. We didn’t know which one is male or female. We love them so much and fed them every day. Until one day, one of the hamster stop eating much and went to sleep almost whole day. It was Taro.

Me and my family kinda worried, what happen to Taro. We saw Taro still eating, so we keep gave them food. Until one day, I woke up with a big surprise. It was ordinary Sunday morning when I woke up. I saw Mum and my brother circling the cage. I asked them what’s going on.

“Taro gave birth!” said my Mum. I rushed and sat to her side and looking for the little hamster. There was none. “Where’s the baby?” I asked.

This time my brother answered my question, “Hamham ate them all!”

His answer made me almost passed out. Then my brother explained how he knew Taro gave birth and how Hamham ate the babies. That explanation really made my whole family sad. The most tragic thing, few days later Hamham and Taro escaped from their cage. Don’t ask how.

Since then, I declare that I’m not fit as a pet owner. No, Sir!

*Prompt 27 April: Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to? Menagerie

My Mentor

Talking about  mentor, I don’t think I have specific person I can consider as my mentor. My late Mum doesn’t count, she will always be my mentor for the rest of my life.

If I have to say who is my mentor,,, I have to admit that Spice Girls is my mentor.

Why this particular girl group? I have to thank them because they accompanied me during hard time. My parents divorced and although I have no problem in school, I still felt different than the other kids. In elementary school, I was blessed with lots of friends, good grades and actively involved in competitions representing schools. Yet I still felt something was missing.

That’s when the first time I saw this video.

All I could see was 5 girls running here and there. They looked so lively. Apparently not only me who fascinated about this group. My classmates also love the song and video. I asked my Mum to bought the album and she did. I listened to the album everyday.

I read the lyrics but didn’t understand back then. All I know, every time I listened to their songs, it felt so good. Years later, I realized how powerful their lyrics, encouraged girls to speak up and be confident of themselves. As a young girl who was going through tough time, I always felt they gave courage to do something I love. That I can do something good, not only for me but also other people.

You can argue me about them, I don’t care. Spice Girls will always be my hero…

*Prompt 15 April: Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her? Mentor Me


Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I lost control because of rage. Well, probably could not be categorized as rage ya, maybe a bit emotional. Hmmm I tried to remember…

There was one time when I was in junior high school. I was appointed as one of the class administrator. Somehow, that day my mood was not that good. So from the beginning of the class, I just sat silently writing and didn’t pay attention to what teachers said.

This was before lunch break. Since the subject teacher couldn’t come, so the substitute teacher gave us some assignment to do. We all did the assignment. The teacher went out for awhile. Then one of my friends started to make some noise. I told him to stop making noises. Reason number one, the assignment was too damn annoying with calculations. Reason number two and the ultimate reason, I have no time to listened to your talk.

He still made noises, so I lost control. I threw an iron ruler I had, 30 cm long. I threw to the white board in front of the class. The class became quiet. I stood from the chair, looked to that boy and pointed to him. I told him, “Can you please shut up or I will kick your ass. I swear I will do it if you keep talking!”

My classmates stared in shock because they never saw me angry before. I sat back again and suddenly I burst to tears. Friend next to me comfort me. Then the class became quiet until the bell rang. I guess that day I already made my point to whole class so they never bothered me again until the day we graduated hehehe.

*Prompt 14 April: Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry? Mad as a Hatter

Matriarch’s Cooking

When it comes to food, my favorite dishes was made by matriarch of my family, a.k.a. my Grandmum. Yup, for us, her children and grandchildren, Grandmum’s food is really comforting. We’re not talking about portion, although she loves to eat with big portion (considering we all LOVE to eat).

Even with the simplest recipe, she can make the best food in the world I’ve ever eat. In her food, we can feel her effort, her love, her passion, and most of all her prayers. She one told me, every time she prepared and cook the food, Grandmum always pray that every person that eat her food will have more energy and good health throughout the day. A simple wish from a mother to all her child.

My Grandmum know how much we love her food. That’s why she always cook in big portion so each and everyone can bring home her food for dinner or next day breakfast. Everybody will take home one big box contains lots of food. That way, we can still feel her love even though we live separately.

That’s the best feeling you can get from my Grandmum’s cooking 🙂

*Prompt 28 March: Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations? Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

What Should I Put?

Funny,,, I just saw a tiny time capsule when I shop this afternoon. Now I need to write what stuffs should I put in a time capsule.

If I need to choose several items to put in 2015 time capsule, here’s what I will put:

  • My 2015 planner book. Lots of events and notes I made in the planner. It will make funny time to read the events that happened in 2015.
  • My old netbook. This year, I’m planning to buy new laptop since the netbook already 5 years old hehehe.
  • Before the glorious time of Android, Blackberry was the king. I’m planning to replace my Blackberry device to another one. If it’s not for family purpose, I already dump my Blackberry device long time ago.
  • My tickets and ID cards from events I attended in 2015. Pop concert, rave festivals, club events. Not only entertainment events, but also social events. Any kind of events. Proof that I watched something interesting and exciting in 2015.

I think only those 4 things. No more, no less. Looking at my simple list, I guess it will be nice and fun to reminisce the journey in 2015.

*Prompt 6 March: What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations? Time Capsule