The Review

I would like to review my own life.

Maddy Pertiwi, to people who know her, is a lively person. She likes to make jokes. Considered geeky enough because she loves science fiction, especially Star Trek. Yeah, call her Trekkie. She has a good life with her family. However, nobody expect that behind her smiles, she hides secrets.

Secrets of her fears and worries. About life and love. Like layers, with each layers represent her true feelings about everything. To know about Maddy’s life, you can’t just sit down with her 5 minutes. Takes lot of probing and approach before she can finally trust you. Once she trust you, she will pour his heart out for you.

This attitude is part of her awareness. Many times hurt by someone she loved, she can’t trust people easily. To outsider, she can appear as a cold person. To someone who know her, she is completely different person. In front of them, Maddy is a cheerful person and love to laughs.

To sum up, Maddy’s life is like puzzle. You have to be patient to collect the pieces and put it all together. Once you put all the puzzles, you will know the story of Maddy’s life.

*Prompt 19 April: Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book. Four Stars


Just Right

Every time I think about the “right moment”, I always relate it to my life experience, personally or professionally. Mostly, professionally.

My choices regarding my career is totally change my life, and also related to my Mum’s condition. Back in 2013, I thought of move to another company. I guess it’s about time. I already had interview in some companies and I even got offering letter to join. However, I chose to postponed it. A week later, my Mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

After 3 months, her treatment finished. Another job offering came to me. This time, without hesitate I accepted the offer. Such a blessing in disguise because this company supported me a lot during Mum’s second treatment for cancer. For 4 months they gave me lots of time off and work from home to take care of my Mum. A chance that I don’t know if I can get it from my previous office.

So my professional career,,, related a lot with family matters. I’m really grateful for the opportunities they gave me to took care of my Mum. I had no idea back then, because my reason to change career is to find another challenge. Turns out, changing career to devoting my time for Mum.

Everything just right…

*Prompt 22 March: Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.” Hello, Goldilocks!

Love and Hate Relationship with Jakarta

Living in capitol city like Jakarta, need more patience and also courage. Why? It’s hard to live in the most congested city in the world. Literally. I once stuck for 2 hours for only 10 km distance. Not to mention if the rain pouring down, here comes the flood. Oh don’t ask the chaos.

People also complains about crime rate in Jakarta. Several cases happened in the past few weeks. Lots of cases emerged and yes, every time I read it makes me cringe because some of them were brutal. Let’s talk about the attitude on street.

There’s almost a clash between bikers and car drivers, bikers and bikers, or car drivers and car drivers. In short, accidents happens almost every day on the street. Jakarta also not nice place to walk. Pedestrian use as hawker food stalls. Sometimes, the motorcycle use pedestrian to avoid the traffic. So yeah, lots of conflict also.

Last but not least, the political heat. As capitol city, Jakarta serves as place for government. High political tension often happens in parliament or other government institutions. Rallies definitely will happen to respond certain issues. Yup, another traffic jam will happen.

From my definition, Jakarta seems like a worst place to live. Is that right?

So much I express my dissatisfaction about Jakarta, everywhere I go I will definitely miss Jakarta. Yes people, I love Jakarta so much! Several reasons:

  1. I can found food easily. No, we’re not talking fast food which opens 24 hours. Street food! Yes you can easily find food in the middle of the night if you feel hungry. I often do that hehehe.
  2. Places to hangout. Lots of cafes and restaurants in Jakarta to have a meeting with friends or business purpose. Lots clubs you can choose to have some fun. The choice is in your hand.
  3. Unique communities. I think you can find ANY communities in Jakarta. Ow I need to underline that communities I mean is a group with same interest. You can find film communities, music communities and also hobby communities. Join one and you will feel you’re not the only person in the world.
  4. Good shows. Jakarta become a host to lots of concerts, sport events, or exhibitions. Nationally and internationally. You can also watch art performances in various places.

That’s some of the examples. The most important thing for me, Jakarta allows me to rediscover myself. Living in Jakarta, I know I can survive anywhere. In Jakarta, I found out what I’m capable of and develop it. In Jakarta, I learn to be independent person.

If I’m a mayor of this city,,, okay governor. If I’m the governor of Jakarta, I will try to solve the traffic problem first. The public transportation in Jakarta not too good. That’s why people choose to bring their own vehicle because it more convenience than bus or train. I will put more effort in maintenance of each and every unit. Bus operator need to apply safety procedure. That means, replace old unit with new one, daily maintenance, and recruit qualified drivers.

That’s my small step as a governor to tackle transportation problem. Hope the governor now can get the support he needs to tackle the problems in Jakarta. Anyway, despite all the negative things surrounding Jakarta, I still love Jakarta so much.


*Prompt 19 March: What do you love most about the city / town / place that you live in? What do you like the least about it? If you were mayor, what would be the most important problem you’d tackle? How would you tackle it? We Built This City


When we’re talking about love, in any forms, only one thing that came in my mind. Let’s leave religious matters out of this. For me, all love forms starts at home, from family.

From the first day our mother conceived us, we were showered with love from everybody. When we were born, another love received also wishes that we can live happily and healthily. So the first teaching of love we get from home, literally.

From my experience, my parents teach me how to love. Love your God, love your parents, love your relatives, love your friends, love your toys etc. Lots of love. With love, they teach me to be responsible. Don’t hurt, don’t do harm, don’t violate everything you love. Repay the love you get by share more love to the world.

That’s how they teach me. So for me, love is family. It shouldn’t have to be blood related. Everybody can be a family. I even found my new family in blogging world. It started from a single word… FAMILY

*Prompt 14 March: We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”? I Want to Know What Love Is

Missing One

The challenge is write a post without using one certain alphabet. So the first letter that comes to my mind is,,, X!!!

When I think about the said letter, I automatically connect the letter with my personal story. Yes, people!!! My love life!!! The said letter relates much with our former lover, right? There’s also other meaning, if you write the letter 3 times, it became a sign for kiss. However, people associated more with former lover.

The reason why I write this post, simple. Don’t make your former lover affect your present lives. It’s all in the past. You might erase them from your life completely. If you still friends with them, their just friends, not a former lover.

My former lovers,,, some of them still have a good relationship with me. Some of them,,, well let say not in a good terms. In the end, we erase them from our old life and start a new relationship with them in entirely new title. Like alphabets, when you miss one letter, you can try to write with other letters. That goes well with your former lover. Don’t let them ruin your present life.

That’s the end of my post without the letter… X!

*Prompt 13 March: There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!) Twenty-Five