Would You Barter?

Would you barter? How about all transaction we know is only barter? How you determine the value of the things you will trade? I’m sucks in Economy subject when I was in high school. Now I have to write about this???

I don’t think barter will suit me. I mean, judging by the value of the things… It can be decrease in the matter of time. The only thing that constant, in my opinion, is gold. Not everybody has gold, right? Beside, how do I know to get item A, how many item B I should prepare? That will be another headache.

Barter system is the earliest way of trade in humankind. It created the base of trading system we know now. I kinda curious how people determine the value of things and what to trade. More important, how many items to trade for getting the specific item ya…

*Prompt 26 April: If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle? Barter System


My Own Blurb

I suppose to write a blurb for my own book. This is where I stuck. First, I don’t know what kind of story I will make. Second, I also suck in summarize things. Okay, here we go!

Emily Wood was just an ordinary girl from little town called Wakespring. She decided to leave her home and pursuit her country singing dream to big city Nashville. Things weren’t going like Emily’s thought. When she almost gave up her dream, Jonathan Big came. Soon, both of them became lovers. However, there was one thing Emily didn’t know about Jonathan’s past and Jonathan will make sure no one knows about it. Including Emily…

There goes my blurb. Why I wrote this? I have no idea. It just popped up in my mind.

*Prompt 25 April: Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination. BYOB(ookworm)

Oh Karma

Thinking about the theme, I laugh so hard. It’s the word me and my friends used to change the phrase “I told you so”.

In Islam, we don’t believe in karma. Every deeds, good or bad, is determine by our own actions. If karma do exist, I think I will act wisely in terms of love. I have to admit, saw your parents divorce really quite trauma for me.

I won’t be cynical to love. I will give love a chance to embrace me. To be more selective in choosing partner.

Myself right now… Totally different. Still a bit cynical to love. Not quite sure if the marriage is indeed for me. Most of all, I’ve spent most of my years wasting my time with someone doesn’t even worth my time. Took me 4 years before I finally open my eyes and tried something.

New love, new relationship, new partner. We still not discuss marriage yet. However, I have the best of time with him now.

Do I have my karma now? I like to say,,, I just live my life 🙂

*Prompt 18 April: This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways? Karma Chameleon

Speak Mandarin

It’s always my dream to travel to China. It all started when I was a little girl, watched kung fu series and movies. I was fascinated with the costumes. Along the time, I read about the history and inspired me to learn Mandarin.

Mandarin is one of the language that commonly use in the world. So it would be nice if one day I wake up and be fluent in Mandarin, considering this language is complicated one. Wrong intonation, wrong meaning. Not to mention the letters,,, a lot! So it will be cool if one day the magic comes to me, make me fluent in Mandarin.

The first thing I want to do is applying to a place where they need Mandarin speakers. Probably like embassy or commercial companies. I saw lots of job vacancy requires fluency in Mandarin. It will be a good opportunity for my career. Who knows, I can visit China one day for business trip hehehe.

Lots of place to visit in China. With my knowledge in Mandarin, I can communicate easily with locals and understand what is written. With that, I also can good bargain to when I go shopping hehehe. I do believe speaking Mandarin will open lots of opportunity for me…

*Prompt 16 April: If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills? Take That, Rosetta!

Let’s Explore The Space

I happened to meet with one of the finest captain in Starfleet, Hikaru Sulu. As the helmsman of USS Enterprise, he surely have lots story to tell to us. Now, as a captain of USS Excelsior, he will talk about his new role in one of the sophisticated ship Starfleet ever had.

Captain Sulu, it’s an honor to have a conversation with you.

So do I. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

How’s your life as a captain? I’m pretty sure it’s different like when you served in the Enterprise.

Well, of course is different. In the Enterprise, I served under Captain Kirk’s command. Now I’m commanding my own ship. Yeah, it’s a big burden because I have crew that depending on me. So I must consider every decision I take.

You have USS Excelsior as your ship. If I’m not mistaken, this is your dream ship. Is that true?

Indeed. I expressed my desire to be helmsman of Excelsior, once. Took me awhile, but now I have Excelsior under my command. It’s like a dream come true. Not everyone can have their dream ship (laughs). However, Enterprise will always be my first love.

Is it hard to adapt? New role, new ship, new environment.

Luckily, I was blessed with ability to quickly adapt with changes. Beside, I have people to discuss. Like Captain Kirk, for example. We discuss a lot about commanding role. One thing I learn from Captain Kirk is have a faith with your crew. Treat your crew as your family. That’s what I do now.

Do you miss your day as helmsman?

Piloting a ship is always be my dream when I enlisted to Starfleet. I have the best of time in Enterprise, took her here and there. Now as a Captain, I don’t have that luxury anymore. However, on my first week as captain, I sat in helmsman chair. I believe that’s my way to connect myself with Excelsior. I need to feel how she moves, how she reacts with orders. I need to listen to her voice. I got that feeling while I was in helms position. Even my own helmsman protested because I almost took his job.

On your free time, what is your favorite activities?

Well, I like to read books. Spend some time at the gym, fencing.

Your daughter, Demora, follow your footstep and become Starfleet cadet. What’s your reaction when she told you about it?

I was happy. I supported her decision. Especially when she said she wants to become a helmsman. Honestly, I didn’t lead her to choose this path. She do very well as cadet and I’m confident she will be a good Starfleet officers.

Unfortunately, our encounter has come to an end. Captain Sulu need to attend an important briefing from Starfleet. Although short, but I’m happy to meet one of the best captain Starfleet ever had.

*Prompt 10 April: Interview your favorite fictional character. The Interview

Not That Expert

Today’s prompt kinda cool. If I can have additional skills, what would that be. The skills that requires detail execution. For me, I would love to have additional skills in plumbing.

Why plumbing?

Well let’s face it, plumbing is one of the complicated problems in household. Trust me, I’ve been in a situation where my plumbing broken and we didn’t get any water for weeks. The plumber, at that time, had a busy schedule because not only us that had the problem. So after 2 weeks, the plumber came to our house and fixed it. Don’t ask how miserable we were. Thank God my grandparent’s house near our home so we went there for having a bath.

If I have plumbing skills, at least I know what to do. I can do some minor repair. No need to call professional plumber if I can fix the damage myself. Especially in kitchen sink, the nightmare of every housewives, including my Mum. I can fix it and will more efficient in cost, right?

This skills also good if I live by my own. First, of course, fix the plumbing problems by myself. Second, so no plumbers can cheat me in terms of work or the cost. I will be more detail on the plumber works. If I go to material store, I also know which material works good and no store worker will cheat on me,too.

Not every girl knows plumbing works and it will be my advantage to know this skills hehehe

*Prompt 9 April: If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket? If I Had a Hammer

Without Three

Kinda tricky prompt. Honestly I need to think hard when I typed this.

I don’t know what to write. Oh I realized that this post is my 30th post of Daily Post Challenge. I finally writing a whole month theme. If I miss a date, I will catch up in the next one. There’s a time that I need to write 3 posts to catching up. Doubting myself at first, could I manage to write. Apparently I do write a whole month themes.

If that so, is this my celebratory post? In my opinion, indeed. I also participate in Daily Post Challenge in my other blog, in Bahasa Indonesia. Kinda juggling to meet deadline. Of course, I also managed to write a whole month themes.

So, congratulations to me!!!

*Prompt 3 April: Write an entire post without using any three-letter words. Three Letter Words

Someone to Tell My Life

This is a question that easy to answer. If I want a writer to write my biography, I definitely say JK Rowling. Simple reasons:

  1. I LOVE Harry Potter series. Even when the story ends, I still read the book all over again.
  2. I like how JK Rowling describe things or situation. Very detail but not boring at all. I can imagine it only from her words.
  3. Her story similar to my Mum’s story. A single parent who tried her best to give her children a better life.

Everybody have a desire to share, including me. Each person has their own story and probably we can learn something from their story. It will be such an honor if JK Rowling can tell my story. It doesn’t have to be a book. If it’s only an excerpt appears in one of her chapter it would be great. Knowing that my stories can be inspiration to her, I’m really grateful. Who knows, probably my stories can be inspiration for another person.

*Prompt 23 March: If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose? Ghostwriter


So I finally had a chance to be a Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter series. She’s an Animagus who can change to fly with intention to gather information and make a false news. Oh I’m not Rita Skeeter. If I can change into a fly, I will go to a place where all political deals were made.

Why I want to go to these places?

Indonesia’s problem with corruption is widely known. All efforts to eradicate the practice seems stuck. So if I had a chance, I will turn myself into a fly and go to these places where all political deals made and involving money. I will listen to their conversations and make note where they will meet next.

I will pass this tip to Corruption Eradication Commission complete with participants involved. With this tip, I hope they can put an investigation. With further investigation, hopefully they can catch the culprit.

Simple wish from a citizen who wants to live in a country free from corruption…

*Prompt 20 March: If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose? Fly on the Wall