Me and EDM

Nowadays, I’m listening to electronic dance music. EDM, for short. My friends asked why I suddenly listening to this kind of music. Actually, I already listen to EDM from 11 years ago. They just don’t know that fact.

I can still remember the first song I heard. It was Traffic by Tiesto. When the song reached the middle, I felt like I’m out of body. Totally new experience for me. It was in my friend’s car and she is an EDM fan. She gave me some of her collection and I started listened to it. So yeah, I’m not that new to this kind of music.

The reason is simple. It was personal thing and personal taste. I keep it in a closet because I don’t expect people to understand my choice of music. Other people tend to judge our unusual taste. For me, that’s ridiculous. Now, why I declare my love to EDM?

I found friends that makes me enjoy EDM in different way. Previously, I enjoy EDM only the song, now I explore the history of the genres and the musicians. Meaning, I read Wikipedia and various source just to know more about EDM.

Due to this reason, I set up a dedicated page to EDM in my other blog. Contains tracks I’m listening and also review about it. Kinda slow now, but I’m trying to update it as soon as possible. Hopefully, I can contribute not only as a groupies, but involve more in industry as well.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun is Rising

I happened to have several pictures about morning light. Again, because I travel to some places. Living in a busy city like Jakarta makes you hard to get a chance watching sunrise.

The sun finally showed its first light. This was at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java. A place where you can watch sunrise with a glimpse of Borobudur Temple.
Sun rose and spread its yellow ray at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java
A bit late but when you have a vacation in an island like Derawan, make sure to have this moment. Took this picture in a porch of our room.

*Weekly Photo Challenge with theme Early Bird

Know Your Company

Having someone to discuss is cool. Especially if we have the same interest. Usually I avoid sensitive topics like politics or religion. Why? I don’t think I have expertise in that. Beside it’s my personal opinion.

I avoid these topics whenever I talk to my friends. I definitely avoid to talk about politics and religion with someone I just know. Why? We don’t know their mind. Believe me, last year’s general election proved it. Differences in political choice caused many rift even in family. My Facebook timeline full with political opinion and even defamed both president candidates.

If your choices can make family torn apart, how about with someone you don’t really know? Chaos, like I’ve been through with Facebook and Twitter during election. Exhausting. Need to unfollow and unfriend some of my friends because their posts full of hatred.

If someone ask you about politics and religions, I suggest you keep the conversation to the minimum. Usually, if they didn’t get the answer they want to hear, they will keep asking until you say yes to their opinions. Don’t. Just give your proper response then leave the conversation. So far, it works for me.

*Prompt 21 April: “It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree? Polite Company

My Day

How you start your day? For me, it all started when I wake up from my sleep. Let me break it down my activities from wake up until arrive at the office yesterday.

I woke up from my sleep a bit early, around 5.30 AM. It took me about 1,5 hours to prepare. Yeah, a bit stretching, then went to the bathroom for shower, end with pick office clothes. I chose pink shirt and red pants for my office attire.

Around 7 AM, a bright yellow sun already up. So I walked to bus station. While I was waiting my bus, lots of buses appeared. The yellow-orange bus called Transjakarta stopped in my station to pick up and drop passengers. However, I was waiting for blue bus, which appeared around 15 minutes after I arrived at station. So I hop into the bus and off we go.

The bus crew asked for the fee, so I looked into my violet bag and pull out my wallet. I paid the fee and luckily had a seat. In front of me, a woman in indigo clothes having a phone conversation, probably with her children because she called herself in third person as “Mum” repeatedly. I decided to sleep because the traffic jam.

After 45 minutes, I arrived at my office. When I sat down, I noticed there was Kit Kat Green Tea on my desk. That means, my boss already arrived from his business trip to Japan. I asked security whether my boss came early, the security said my boss indeed came early. After 15 minutes, my boss went to another schedule.

Not having my boss at the office, I still have lot to do. Finished the reports was one of them. Huff there goes my Monday hehehe.

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The Review

I would like to review my own life.

Maddy Pertiwi, to people who know her, is a lively person. She likes to make jokes. Considered geeky enough because she loves science fiction, especially Star Trek. Yeah, call her Trekkie. She has a good life with her family. However, nobody expect that behind her smiles, she hides secrets.

Secrets of her fears and worries. About life and love. Like layers, with each layers represent her true feelings about everything. To know about Maddy’s life, you can’t just sit down with her 5 minutes. Takes lot of probing and approach before she can finally trust you. Once she trust you, she will pour his heart out for you.

This attitude is part of her awareness. Many times hurt by someone she loved, she can’t trust people easily. To outsider, she can appear as a cold person. To someone who know her, she is completely different person. In front of them, Maddy is a cheerful person and love to laughs.

To sum up, Maddy’s life is like puzzle. You have to be patient to collect the pieces and put it all together. Once you put all the puzzles, you will know the story of Maddy’s life.

*Prompt 19 April: Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book. Four Stars

Oh Karma

Thinking about the theme, I laugh so hard. It’s the word me and my friends used to change the phrase “I told you so”.

In Islam, we don’t believe in karma. Every deeds, good or bad, is determine by our own actions. If karma do exist, I think I will act wisely in terms of love. I have to admit, saw your parents divorce really quite trauma for me.

I won’t be cynical to love. I will give love a chance to embrace me. To be more selective in choosing partner.

Myself right now… Totally different. Still a bit cynical to love. Not quite sure if the marriage is indeed for me. Most of all, I’ve spent most of my years wasting my time with someone doesn’t even worth my time. Took me 4 years before I finally open my eyes and tried something.

New love, new relationship, new partner. We still not discuss marriage yet. However, I have the best of time with him now.

Do I have my karma now? I like to say,,, I just live my life 🙂

*Prompt 18 April: This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways? Karma Chameleon

I Wish Someone Told Me

If there is one piece of advice I wish someone told me few years back…

“Don’t afraid to travel…”

It took me years to finally started to travel. Business trip at first. Took another years to finally made a passport. Another year to finally had a courage to travel abroad. I didn’t notice the signs around me.

My uncles and aunts got a chance to continue their school in USA. My cousins sent to Australia for having student exchange. I also arranged travel for my office mate whenever they had a business trip. It’s clear enough that I need to travel, right?

I guess was too naive that time. Really busy with myself and ignore the signs. Nobody pointed out to me that I need to travel. Now, I can’t wait for my next travel. I realized through travel I rediscover myself. Through travel, I release all my burdens and rethink about my steps in the past and future.

If someone told me this earlier, I won’t waste many years without traveling…

*Prompt 17 April: What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago? Powerful Suggestion

Speak Mandarin

It’s always my dream to travel to China. It all started when I was a little girl, watched kung fu series and movies. I was fascinated with the costumes. Along the time, I read about the history and inspired me to learn Mandarin.

Mandarin is one of the language that commonly use in the world. So it would be nice if one day I wake up and be fluent in Mandarin, considering this language is complicated one. Wrong intonation, wrong meaning. Not to mention the letters,,, a lot! So it will be cool if one day the magic comes to me, make me fluent in Mandarin.

The first thing I want to do is applying to a place where they need Mandarin speakers. Probably like embassy or commercial companies. I saw lots of job vacancy requires fluency in Mandarin. It will be a good opportunity for my career. Who knows, I can visit China one day for business trip hehehe.

Lots of place to visit in China. With my knowledge in Mandarin, I can communicate easily with locals and understand what is written. With that, I also can good bargain to when I go shopping hehehe. I do believe speaking Mandarin will open lots of opportunity for me…

*Prompt 16 April: If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills? Take That, Rosetta!

My Mentor

Talking about  mentor, I don’t think I have specific person I can consider as my mentor. My late Mum doesn’t count, she will always be my mentor for the rest of my life.

If I have to say who is my mentor,,, I have to admit that Spice Girls is my mentor.

Why this particular girl group? I have to thank them because they accompanied me during hard time. My parents divorced and although I have no problem in school, I still felt different than the other kids. In elementary school, I was blessed with lots of friends, good grades and actively involved in competitions representing schools. Yet I still felt something was missing.

That’s when the first time I saw this video.

All I could see was 5 girls running here and there. They looked so lively. Apparently not only me who fascinated about this group. My classmates also love the song and video. I asked my Mum to bought the album and she did. I listened to the album everyday.

I read the lyrics but didn’t understand back then. All I know, every time I listened to their songs, it felt so good. Years later, I realized how powerful their lyrics, encouraged girls to speak up and be confident of themselves. As a young girl who was going through tough time, I always felt they gave courage to do something I love. That I can do something good, not only for me but also other people.

You can argue me about them, I don’t care. Spice Girls will always be my hero…

*Prompt 15 April: Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her? Mentor Me