My First Tattoo


It took me 5 years to finally got what I want to make as my lifetime tattoo. I chose Mandala as my first tattoo. I used black ink because I don’t want to spoil the beauty of the design with fancy colors. I want to keep it simple because the design itself already look very grand. The meaning of the tattoo is:

The mandala, while in design is dominated by squares or triangles, has a concentric structure and actually translates to “circle” in Sanskrit.  These symbols offer visual elements that balance and represent harmony and unity. The mandala is extremely versatile and can carry a number of meanings that are limited only by the creator and the observer. The overall goal of a mandala is to be a tool on one’s spiritual journey.

The mandala’s design is meant to be not only appealing visually, but to absorb the mind in a way that silences chattering thoughts and allows the observer to gain a higher level of awareness.

Mandalas are designed from the center outwards, which tends to give them a floral appearance. Because flowers are typically circular in nature, circles and flowers can be combined to create a tattoo that is symbolic of femininity, eternity and balance.

Mandala artwork is a large part of Buddhist and Hindu religions. These designs are often depicted in sand art. Due to their geometric nature, tattoos containing mandalas look best on a flatter section of the body, such as the chest or back.

Each person who observes a mandala will have a different experience, but meditating on this symbol is said to make the observer relaxed and gives them a resolution or clarity on their intention.

Mandalas have been used in almost every religion. They may be given a different name and meaning, but the basic definition remains- that they are circular, spiritual works of art. Due to this, mandala tattoos are a great choice for someone who lives a deep, spiritual life. (source from here)

I don’t want to talk about my decision to chose Mandala as my tattoo. I want to talk WHY I decided to make a tattoo. I have to thank my late Mum because she gave me the permission. Mum worked abroad since 2007 and she came back for leave on 2010. When she came back, of course me and my Mum were having a “girls talk”. The she made a confession.

She opened up her shirt and revealed small tattoo on her left chest. It was letter “R” as the first letter of her name. Then I tentatively asked can I get one. She just nodded and said, “If you can hold the pain, yes you can. Make sure you found the meaningful one because it will attach to your body forever.”

Okay, I got her permission. So I started to looking a design that will be my first tattoo. It took me a while before I found this Mandala design. Too bad my Mum wasn’t with me when I made it. Well she can watch me getting tattoo from Heaven, right? She saw how I can handle the pain of the needle during the process. Yeah I was cursing in low voice but I managed to keep still until the tattoo finished.

Without her permission, I don’t think that I will make the tattoo. When I read the meaning once again,,, yeah I think I found the perfect tattoo for me.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”


5 thoughts on “My First Tattoo

  1. That was a lovely experience. Knowing that you are doing something that your mom would approve of, makes you feel good about it. I know my mom would shoot me if I got one done (and it makes me glad that in India guns aren’t commonplace.)


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