Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way


It was back in January 2015. I was in Bali and on my way to Ubud from airport. Then there’s a traffic jam. All vehicles stopped. I was a bit worried about my schedule. I asked the driver what’s going on, then I heard of traditional music was playing. The driver replied, “I think there will be Ngaben ceremony.”

Ngaben is a cremation ritual from Bali. If someone died, people in Bali usually will held this ceremony. After 10 minutes of waiting, the group finally passed my car. According to my driver, judging by coffin probably someone prominent passed away.

Wish I can watch the ritual. In Bali, this ritual is a serious business. Few years ago, one of the royal families in Bali hold Ngaben ceremony and it took one month preparation, probably longer. I want to go back to Bali hehehe.

*Weekly Photo Challenge On the Way


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