Me and EDM

Nowadays, I’m listening to electronic dance music. EDM, for short. My friends asked why I suddenly listening to this kind of music. Actually, I already listen to EDM from 11 years ago. They just don’t know that fact.

I can still remember the first song I heard. It was Traffic by Tiesto. When the song reached the middle, I felt like I’m out of body. Totally new experience for me. It was in my friend’s car and she is an EDM fan. She gave me some of her collection and I started listened to it. So yeah, I’m not that new to this kind of music.

The reason is simple. It was personal thing and personal taste. I keep it in a closet because I don’t expect people to understand my choice of music. Other people tend to judge our unusual taste. For me, that’s ridiculous. Now, why I declare my love to EDM?

I found friends that makes me enjoy EDM in different way. Previously, I enjoy EDM only the song, now I explore the history of the genres and the musicians. Meaning, I read Wikipedia and various source just to know more about EDM.

Due to this reason, I set up a dedicated page to EDM in my other blog. Contains tracks I’m listening and also review about it. Kinda slow now, but I’m trying to update it as soon as possible. Hopefully, I can contribute not only as a groupies, but involve more in industry as well.

*Prompt 22 April: Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post. Slash and Burn


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