Know Your Company

Having someone to discuss is cool. Especially if we have the same interest. Usually I avoid sensitive topics like politics or religion. Why? I don’t think I have expertise in that. Beside it’s my personal opinion.

I avoid these topics whenever I talk to my friends. I definitely avoid to talk about politics and religion with someone I just know. Why? We don’t know their mind. Believe me, last year’s general election proved it. Differences in political choice caused many rift even in family. My Facebook timeline full with political opinion and even defamed both president candidates.

If your choices can make family torn apart, how about with someone you don’t really know? Chaos, like I’ve been through with Facebook and Twitter during election. Exhausting. Need to unfollow and unfriend some of my friends because their posts full of hatred.

If someone ask you about politics and religions, I suggest you keep the conversation to the minimum. Usually, if they didn’t get the answer they want to hear, they will keep asking until you say yes to their opinions. Don’t. Just give your proper response then leave the conversation. So far, it works for me.

*Prompt 21 April: “It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree? Polite Company


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