The Review

I would like to review my own life.

Maddy Pertiwi, to people who know her, is a lively person. She likes to make jokes. Considered geeky enough because she loves science fiction, especially Star Trek. Yeah, call her Trekkie. She has a good life with her family. However, nobody expect that behind her smiles, she hides secrets.

Secrets of her fears and worries. About life and love. Like layers, with each layers represent her true feelings about everything. To know about Maddy’s life, you can’t just sit down with her 5 minutes. Takes lot of probing and approach before she can finally trust you. Once she trust you, she will pour his heart out for you.

This attitude is part of her awareness. Many times hurt by someone she loved, she can’t trust people easily. To outsider, she can appear as a cold person. To someone who know her, she is completely different person. In front of them, Maddy is a cheerful person and love to laughs.

To sum up, Maddy’s life is like puzzle. You have to be patient to collect the pieces and put it all together. Once you put all the puzzles, you will know the story of Maddy’s life.

*Prompt 19 April: Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book. Four Stars


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