My Mentor

Talking about  mentor, I don’t think I have specific person I can consider as my mentor. My late Mum doesn’t count, she will always be my mentor for the rest of my life.

If I have to say who is my mentor,,, I have to admit that Spice Girls is my mentor.

Why this particular girl group? I have to thank them because they accompanied me during hard time. My parents divorced and although I have no problem in school, I still felt different than the other kids. In elementary school, I was blessed with lots of friends, good grades and actively involved in competitions representing schools. Yet I still felt something was missing.

That’s when the first time I saw this video.

All I could see was 5 girls running here and there. They looked so lively. Apparently not only me who fascinated about this group. My classmates also love the song and video. I asked my Mum to bought the album and she did. I listened to the album everyday.

I read the lyrics but didn’t understand back then. All I know, every time I listened to their songs, it felt so good. Years later, I realized how powerful their lyrics, encouraged girls to speak up and be confident of themselves. As a young girl who was going through tough time, I always felt they gave courage to do something I love. That I can do something good, not only for me but also other people.

You can argue me about them, I don’t care. Spice Girls will always be my hero…

*Prompt 15 April: Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her? Mentor Me


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