Let’s Explore The Space

I happened to meet with one of the finest captain in Starfleet, Hikaru Sulu. As the helmsman of USS Enterprise, he surely have lots story to tell to us. Now, as a captain of USS Excelsior, he will talk about his new role in one of the sophisticated ship Starfleet ever had.

Captain Sulu, it’s an honor to have a conversation with you.

So do I. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

How’s your life as a captain? I’m pretty sure it’s different like when you served in the Enterprise.

Well, of course is different. In the Enterprise, I served under Captain Kirk’s command. Now I’m commanding my own ship. Yeah, it’s a big burden because I have crew that depending on me. So I must consider every decision I take.

You have USS Excelsior as your ship. If I’m not mistaken, this is your dream ship. Is that true?

Indeed. I expressed my desire to be helmsman of Excelsior, once. Took me awhile, but now I have Excelsior under my command. It’s like a dream come true. Not everyone can have their dream ship (laughs). However, Enterprise will always be my first love.

Is it hard to adapt? New role, new ship, new environment.

Luckily, I was blessed with ability to quickly adapt with changes. Beside, I have people to discuss. Like Captain Kirk, for example. We discuss a lot about commanding role. One thing I learn from Captain Kirk is have a faith with your crew. Treat your crew as your family. That’s what I do now.

Do you miss your day as helmsman?

Piloting a ship is always be my dream when I enlisted to Starfleet. I have the best of time in Enterprise, took her here and there. Now as a Captain, I don’t have that luxury anymore. However, on my first week as captain, I sat in helmsman chair. I believe that’s my way to connect myself with Excelsior. I need to feel how she moves, how she reacts with orders. I need to listen to her voice. I got that feeling while I was in helms position. Even my own helmsman protested because I almost took his job.

On your free time, what is your favorite activities?

Well, I like to read books. Spend some time at the gym, fencing.

Your daughter, Demora, follow your footstep and become Starfleet cadet. What’s your reaction when she told you about it?

I was happy. I supported her decision. Especially when she said she wants to become a helmsman. Honestly, I didn’t lead her to choose this path. She do very well as cadet and I’m confident she will be a good Starfleet officers.

Unfortunately, our encounter has come to an end. Captain Sulu need to attend an important briefing from Starfleet. Although short, but I’m happy to meet one of the best captain Starfleet ever had.

*Prompt 10 April: Interview your favorite fictional character. The Interview


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