Switch With

I’ve read many blogs and often inspired me to do something. Take traveling for example. I decided to do traveling after I read The Naked Traveler. The blog inspired me to explore new places, both Indonesia and outside Indonesia. However, there is one blog that makes me want to taste their adventure. The blog is Dua Ransel (Two Backpaks).

The owner of this awesome travel blog is husband and wife named Ryan and Dina. They traded the comfortable and steady life to became digital nomads since 2009. Yes, they literally backpacking to more than 40 countries! In each countries, they will share stories about their lives. Where they stay, how they work and of course tips to travel.

The life of the young couple really exciting! I want to experience their lives and write it in a blog post. Yes, I want to switch with them for a week. I imagine lots of things to see, listen and feel. Try new places and meet new friends. Most of all, by traveling I believe I rediscover myself, about what can I do.

Oh I do hope I can meet them in person hehehe.

*Prompt 6 April: If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why? Switcheroo


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