More Consideration Yet Expressive Enough

Do I a different person, online and offline occasion? My answer will be YES! However, in this post I will emphasize my communication style direct and indirect. Direct, of course will be face-to-face encounters. Indirect will be written communication (chat, email, social media).

People who know me will say that I’m one of the loudest person they’ve ever known. I can speak very frankly to the person I know very well. With someone I just meet, of course I will be more reserve. It takes time to be comfortable around new person. Although they will guess easily that I’m a loudest person. That’s how I communicate directly.

I guess, I’m more comfortable to express my opinion in written. In social media world, some of my friends call me the sarcastic b***h because my posts often insinuating issues, even person, in polite yet funny way. Hey that’s the use of social media, right? To discuss something serious in fun way. Well, I can be serious sometimes hehehe.

Often, I can’t express freely how I feel. For example, with my boyfriend. Few times I sent him an email to tell him how I feel. In written communication, personal one, sometimes I don’t need a reply. I just want to let it all out what’s inside my thought. That’s why I do have secret journal in my gadget to let all my sadness, anger, and frustration out. I choose words descriptively and never use analogy or metaphors. I want them to know how I really feel, straight to the point.

In that case, let’s say that yes I do expressive person in terms of written communication to someone I know.

*Prompt 2 April: How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium? It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World


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