Fool Me

I don’t like April Fools,,, Literally. It’s because I’m not good at making pranks. Especially in written so nope, I’m not gonna make any post prank.

However yesterday I found one. I think my friends who love rave festival got fooled. In the morning, I received this picture.


Yes this year Bali will be one of of the hosts for Ultra Music Festival. When the announcement came out we were ecstatic! Finally, Ultra will come to Indonesia. No line up announced yet so we still guess who is the line up. When I saw this, I immediately checked the official Twitter of Ultra. They still discussed the last Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015. So I became suspicious, probably this was a hoax. Not to mention, it’s April 1. So I waited.

Then this morning, another picture came out.

Ultra hoax

See??? It’s a PRANK! I smiled a lot reading the reaction from my Path timeline. Some of them dissappointed because it was a prank, while other suspected it already. So let’s sit down and wait for the official announcement from Ultra themselves 🙂

*Prompt 1 April: It’s April 1st! Pull a fast one — publish a post that gently pranks your readers. Fool Me Once


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