Oh My God!

I was hanging out with my friends. We were 6 persons of high school friends just having fun while reminiscing the old days. One of the guy went to the toilet and we still talking among ourselves. Then our dear friend, let’s call him Fred, came back with a huge smile on his face. We asked what happen because he looks so happy.

I just met beautiful girl outside the toilet. When she passed me, her perfume soooo fragrant and yes she is beautiful. I think this is the first time since I broke up with my ex that I meet someone beautiful as she is.

We looked at each other, acknowledge his statement. We started to tease him. Then one of our friend, let’s call him Bob, said that her mother messaged him to meet outside the restaurant. He excused himself and we continued teasing Fred. Then suddenly Fred stopped talking and stared intensively. We also looked at his direction and saw Bob talking with a woman.

“Why are you looking like that?” I asked to Fred.

“The woman that Bob talking to, who is she?” asked Fred without blinking.

“Ow, it’s Bob’s mother. Why?” said one of us. Fred’s eyes widened.

“Fred, don’t tell me…” I think I guessed correctly, judging by Fred’s panic face.

Fred then looked at me and gave a small nod. My jaw literally dropped. Our friends still didn’t get it. Then Bob came with his mother. “Mum, these are my high school friends,” he introduced his mother. We said our greetings, including Fred. I remember his face suddenly turn red. Bob has to go with his mother so he bid goodbye to us.

After they left the restaurant, I started to laugh. Fred smack my shoulder and asked me to stop laughing. I tried to stop but I couldn’t. Our friends still curious. Between the laughs, I told them that the woman Fred meet at the toilet was Bob’s mother. Everybody started to laugh.

We never saw Bob’s mother before so we didn’t expect that she looks like a woman in her 30s. Yes she looks so young. We met her 3 months ago on Bob’s wedding and she still look beautiful and young. As for Fred, we teased him for 2 weeks before we got bored. We never tell Bob about it. It’s our little secret hehehe.

*Prompt 29 March: Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming. What a Twist!


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