Matriarch’s Cooking

When it comes to food, my favorite dishes was made by matriarch of my family, a.k.a. my Grandmum. Yup, for us, her children and grandchildren, Grandmum’s food is really comforting. We’re not talking about portion, although she loves to eat with big portion (considering we all LOVE to eat).

Even with the simplest recipe, she can make the best food in the world I’ve ever eat. In her food, we can feel her effort, her love, her passion, and most of all her prayers. She one told me, every time she prepared and cook the food, Grandmum always pray that every person that eat her food will have more energy and good health throughout the day. A simple wish from a mother to all her child.

My Grandmum know how much we love her food. That’s why she always cook in big portion so each and everyone can bring home her food for dinner or next day breakfast. Everybody will take home one big box contains lots of food. That way, we can still feel her love even though we live separately.

That’s the best feeling you can get from my Grandmum’s cooking 🙂

*Prompt 28 March: Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations? Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)


2 thoughts on “Matriarch’s Cooking

  1. Grandma’s cooking was the best… II always did suspect the BIGGGG meals were do we felt compelled to take leftovers… it was her way of staying connected to us. Compelling… a delicious feeling …. when it’s Grandma!


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