Three Times A Charm

Part 1

I was playing with my tablet when suddenly I received newsletter from my favorite movie theater. It was limited screening of Gundam The Origin I. Excited, I contacted my boyfriend and told him about this. We arranged a double date with our friends to watch it. The weekend came, and apparently lots of Gundam fans also want to watch this movie. However, it was only an hour because this movie is the first part only. My boyfriend later told me, “It’s odd to watching Gundam movie without the Gundam itself.”


Part 2

I was visiting my boyfriend’s family for the first time. Yup, he finally introduced me to his family. After have a chit-chat with his parents, he took me to his room. His room is typically boys room. Comics, CDs, games and laptop dominating his room. One more thing, his Gundam collection. With proud he told me about each Gundam. I love Gundam series but honestly I had no idea what is he talking about. However, I appreciate the modelling kit activities. After that day, he often challenged me to build something. I built airplanes, tanks and Taj Mahal replica. Still waiting, Saint Seiya figurine and one set of World War 2 vehicles. Yup, apparently I love modelling kit. Just ordinary love.


Part 3

I remember the first time I met my boyfriend. Actually our first date kinda geeky. He accompanied me at Star Trek Event in Jakarta. I was playing paper craft. Yes it was very geeky of me, and apparently him. Finished with my activities, we went to the mall to find a place to eat. Then we passed a toy store and took a peek. That was the first time I saw him like a boy. He took one by one Gundam models, examined it and made a comments. He seems so happy. Me? I’m more attracted to Lego Series.  They have The Hobbit series!!! We spent 30 minutes there, then head to restaurant.


So the common thing in these posts was MODELLING KIT. I talked about Gundam a lot, but I also mentioned others. Yeah, apparently my boyfriend found a partner in me with these things 🙂

*Prompt 24 March: Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part. Weaving the Threads


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