Epic Fail

Hmmmm I’m not good at telling jokes. Especially in writing form. However, I want to share stories that I think,,, totally made an epic fail of the month. If I remember it, I will be so embarrass. I always think, “How stupid I am!”

It started when me and my boyfriend became backstage crew for one of the DJ performed in festival music. We just lounging around in hotel nearby the venue when we saw some familiar faces of some metal band. My boyfriend is a metal music fan. He knows almost every metal band, including this band. He told me, “That’s Lamb Of God!”

“Really??? Can we take a picture with them?” I asked him. Well, he’s the one that holding a camera that time. He said okay so we approached the band. However, I felt a bit unsure with the band. I had doubts that this band was Lamb Of God. I’ve seen the personnel on the internet and these people a bit different from what I’ve seen. I saw the same concern from my boyfriend’s face. We approached them anyway.

“Excuse me. Can I take a picture with you?” I asked the man with a long hair. He smiled and said, “Sure. Do you know who we are?”

I was a bit surprise and looked to my boyfriend. With nervous, I answered, “Are you Lamb Of God?”

Then everybody burst to laugh. “No we’re not!” said the long-hair man. I smacked my boyfriend’s shoulder. He also surprised. I guess my face turned red that day. That was embarrassing moment of my life. Then the long-hair man said, “We are Terrorizer.”

My boyfriend just laughed, realizing his mistake. I also laughed with the long-hair man, which I know as Lee Harrison, the guitarist. He took the picture with me anyway. Finished, me and my boyfriend chit chat for awhile with Lee and wished him good luck with the performance for next day. We walked to the venue. We laughed sooooo hard realized how foolish we were.

Anyway, I think that’s the biggest epic fail of the year,,, so far. I don’t want to experience another embarrassing moment like that ever again.

Me and Lee Harrison from Terrorizer
Me and Lee Harrison from Terrorizer

*Prompt 18 March: Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with a unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome! Ha Ha Ha


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