Beach Lover and Sea Enthusiast

If you saw my bio next to this post, it is saying that I’m a beach lover who can’t swim. Yes I love beach so much!!!

I first fall in love with beach when I traveled to Bali back in 2012, by myself. That time was my lowest point of the year and I need to get away from my routines. Completely isolate myself. That’s why I chose Bali.

Somehow, I feel really calm when I sat in the beach and watched the sunset view. It feels like every problem go away instantly. Not to mention the sound of waves. I can sit for hours with music playing from my iPod, accompanied with drinks and mind my own business. Since then, I always want to go back to any beach.

My latest travel involving water was last month. I went to Derawan Island with my friends. The first time I did my snorkeling,,, deeply fell in love with sea. I know, if we dive deep enough you will see more beauty. However, I do believe I accomplish one thing.

Personally, I can’t swim. Even though I like to play in swimming pool, I choose a spot where I can step. When my friend offered life jacket in swimming pool, I refused. During Derawan trip, I conquered my fear. With life jacket, I swim at drop off and played with fish. Not deep enough to admire the coral, but for me is an achievement.

In that case, yes I want to go back to the beach and sea again. It become my favorite destinations. Ow, don’t suggest me to go hiking. I’ve tried once and decided that hiking, trekking or even climbing mountain is not my thing. I love beach and sea too much, makes me dreaming everyday to go back again…

*Prompt 16 March: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely? Places


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