War of Burgers

With today’s prompt, I can’t help to remember one argument between my Grandmother and my late Mum few years back. It was hilarious and until now I always wondering what in the world they were thinking… I just finished my vacation so I have no intention to write something serious. Honestly,,, BORING!

It started with simple question from me,,, “Burger Queen or Farmer’s Burger*?”

Me: I want to treat my friends. Burger Queen or Farmer’s Burger?

Mum: Just buy Farmer’s Burger for your friends. Buy a Small Mac package.

Grandmum: Why Farmer’s Burger??? Better Burger Queen. They have lots of Whipping selection.

Mum: What?? Burger Queen?? It’s too expensive!

Grandmum: What do you expect from Farmer’s Burger? With the size of the burger, it’s overprice!

Mum: How come it’s overprice??? You have two layers of patties!

Grandmum: Whipping also had two layers of patties. They bigger than Small Mac!

Mum: Still, in terms of juiciness, Small Mac wins!

Grandmum: Burger Queen has Fried Onion. You only have nuggets!

I grew tired of their silly argument so I left them and took my friends to eat at fried chicken restaurant, instead. Over silly things, our house turned into battlefield between Grandmum and my late Mum. I kinda miss those moment, though. Especially my Grandmum…

PS. I changed the name of the restaurant but can you guess it 🙂

*Prompt 15 March: Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. A House Divided


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