Dreaming to UK

If people asked me which country I wanna go to live, I will definitely say United Kingdom.

My first job was in British Council Indonesia so that’s my first influence about UK. I got knowledge about UK education system and made me dream to continue my study in UK. The more I explore about UK, I deeply fall in love with UK. Probably I will say I fall in love with Great Britain.

As a history lover, Great Britain offered lots of historical sites and the story behind it. I always love big castles, kings and their politics, also love stories (tragic or happy ending). Great Britain offered them all. With exploring one region, I will have lots of stories to share.

Experiencing Great Britain also I got from my friends. Lots of my friends continue their study in universities across Great Britain. They shared pictures and also their campus stories during their stay in Great Britain. Their stories inspires me to continue my study in one of the universities in Great Britain.

I also have personal connection with Great Britain. I once had a relationship someone from Manchester. Every night (in my timezone) we Skyped and he would tell me all about great spots in Great Britain. He showed me lots of pictures and made me fall in love more with this region.

Considering that study for Master degree in Great Britain takes 1 year, so it suits the purpose. I always say to myself, each step leads to another. So I’ve made my first step, hopefully it will lead me to my dream region.

*Prompt 12 March: If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why? Study Abroad


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