A Festival Of My Own

Due to my hiatus, I will post 2 prompts today. This is the first one.

The prompt quite interesting. If I was guaranteed not to fail, what will I try? The answer is I want to make a festival. What kind of festival?

There are some festivals I want to make. First, a dance music festival. In late 2014, me and my boyfriend set up a really small business called Rave Colony. Currently we active in Twitter, Facebook and G+. Started with clothing, in January 2015 we expanded our focus to DJ Management, event photography and media partner. Our dream is to have a dance festival with all local DJ. The rising stars, the heroes and the legends, all gather in one festival. Big festival in JIEXPO Kemayoran or even GWK Bali. It’s still long way since we still start in first step. We still need to talk with lots of DJ, open new channels to expand our network, also build our reputation. We still keep our dream. Long way to go but we will get there.

Second festival, a Star Trek Convention in Indonesia. I joined Indo Star Trek, an Indonesian community for Star Trek fans. It’s been our dream to be at Star Trek Convention. If we want to go to Star Trek Convention, we still need to go to Las Vegas every year. We always dream to have a convention in Asia, where all the fans gather and can share same aspiration in Star Trek. It’s a big dream. Kinda difficult for us to have that kind of convention. We started little, by having our own Star Trek Day. It’s a starting point. If we can prove to the world that we’re not passive community, there will be a time we have investors and partners to pull this off.

Yes, I’m sure one day we can achieve this.

*Prompt 10 March: Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet). Too Big To Fail

3 thoughts on “A Festival Of My Own

  1. I love Star Trek, too. Having your own convention is a great idea! Maybe you can start out as a part of a bigger sci-fi convention, if you have those there. It might be easier to find fans from several different fandoms (Star Wars, Firefly, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, etc.) who want to put together a joint convention, and grow your base from there. Good luck!


      1. We have so many different types of sci-fi conventions. When I read your post I thought that maybe there just weren’t any Star Trek (only) conventions. That’s so sad that you don’t have any types of sci-fi conventions at all. Good luck getting something started!


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