Award from My Students

Despite my mourning, I can manage to write my Daily Post Challenge. Due to the time difference, it’s already 10 March 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia. I know it’s still 9 March 2015 in other side of the world.

So,,, If I was awarded with something, what would that be???

I want to go back when I was working in one of private university. My job as Student Services Officer allowed me to interact intensively with students. There was a time I can be a very friendly person. I can be their counselor, I can be their friend, and most of all, I can be their parents as well. Some of them are from out of town and they contacted with me. They asked me to take care of their children. That’s why I can easily hangout with students, like watching movies, eat at the restaurant or do some silly and wasting time activities.

On the other hand, I can be the bad cop to them. There was one time, we held a general meeting for two batches, with 161 people in Auditorium. In the end, I literally yelled at them because of their attitude in campus. My office received lots of stuffs they left behind. Received complaints from staffs and lecturers about their attitude in class. Anything. Since that time, I received a nickname as Stepmother.

When I finally moved to other place, some of the students contacted me and said how much they miss me. They missed how they can easily interact with the staffs through me. Missed spending time with me, gossiping a lot of things. Most of all, they missed my yell. They said, no one can replace my yell HAHAHA.

So, if I have to receive an award, I hope I can get it from my students as “Best Stepmother”. I think, this is the first time ever someone missed stepmother because of the yelling. For that, I would like to thank these people:

  1. My partner in crime in Student Center Office who always back me up for every yell I made
  2. My seniors in college years who taught me how to yell with style 😀
  3. My colleagues in university, all staffs and lecturers who admired my skills to handle students
  4. Of course my students. I love each and every one of them and who gave me sweet nickname

Simple list, eh? I missed my students every single day. When the first batch graduated, I was proud “mother” to see my babies grew up. I wish them a successful path in the future.

*Prompt 9 March: You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech? I’d Like to Thank My Cats


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