First Teacher, My Mum

If we’re talking about teacher, I have to tell you about my Mum. She was my first teacher. She was teaching me various subjects. Mathematics, Reading, Spelling, History, and the most important subject of all, she was teaching me about life.

Of course she was teaching me basic stuffs, like school subjects. What I owe her until now is the lesson of life. Started with my parents divorce almost 20 years ago. Suddenly, my image of ideal family was crushed to pieces. She taught me how to survive and be a good sister to my little brother.

We once had a talking session before we sleep. Mum always talked to us about her youth days. How she was having fun back then. Believe it or not, we also got our sex education from her. Maybe not too explicit but from my point of view, she was preparing us and we are more prepare than our friends. Mum also gave me some advice about having fun, especially in clubs. I always remember her advice.

The next lesson she gave me during her battle with cancer. In 2013, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. When we thought that everything was alright since her treatment finished, in 2014 she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Me and my brother was devastated, but she showed us that she can hold it. My Mum wouldn’t give up until the end.

Luckily, she taught me to be strong person. Whenever she felt so down because of her condition, I always beside her and be her rock, like she always be. I remember when the nurse escort her to operation room, she hold my hand so tight and cried. That was the first time I saw her scared. I hold her hands back, tried not to cry. Luckily the operation went well.

The biggest lesson she gave me was about losing. Although the operation went well, her cancer spread again. My Mum finally passed away on 3 July 2014. So hard for me and my brother to accept the fact for the first 7 days. However, one letter changed us.

When we cleaned our mother’s room, we found a letter. We knew that’s my Mum’s handwriting. We opened the letter. The date was 1999. Apparently it was her will.  She prepared a will years before. The will was simple. She asked my uncle and aunt to take care of me and my brother. She was hoping that her children can live happily and become strong person. After we read the letter, me and my brother cried. Even in her death, she still care for us.

My Mum taught me to be strong person so I will be strong person just like her wish. Losing your parents is never easy and you have to deal it the whole time. I will remember her lessons for the rest of my life.

That's our last picture 2014
That’s our last picture 2014
*Prompt 8 March: What makes a teacher great? We Can Be Taught!

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