Their Words

I was blessed.

Since my first job until today, I was surrounded by helpful people. Always taught me how to be a good person in workplace. I also got an advice from my Mum about how to behave. So what am I good at???

Tough question, since I have to answer it by myself. One thing that my colleagues always told about me, I’m good at talking. According to them, I can easily speak with anyone, any age, in any situation. I was working in university as Student Services. My role made me intensively communicate with students. I always try to be their friends, but I can also be their disciplinarian. The ability to switch role in matter of second, often made my colleagues amazed. It’s just one example. I can’t just brag about it.

Anyway, I realized that I have ability to talk. Maybe because of my background in college was Mass Communication. My ability to speak in public trained in college. My role in various organizations involving public speaking. I need to increase my public speaking ability. I’ve seen my supervisors present something in public, and they are so damn good! I really want to be like them.

How they speaks really inspiring, encouraging and also convincing. I want to learn how to present effectively. So I keep practicing to be a better speaker. It’s an ongoing process and always find new method to present. I’m pretty sure I can perfected my skills.

*Prompt 7 March: Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at? I Have Confidence in Me


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