What Should I Put?

Funny,,, I just saw a tiny time capsule when I shop this afternoon. Now I need to write what stuffs should I put in a time capsule.

If I need to choose several items to put in 2015 time capsule, here’s what I will put:

  • My 2015 planner book. Lots of events and notes I made in the planner. It will make funny time to read the events that happened in 2015.
  • My old netbook. This year, I’m planning to buy new laptop since the netbook already 5 years old hehehe.
  • Before the glorious time of Android, Blackberry was the king. I’m planning to replace my Blackberry device to another one. If it’s not for family purpose, I already dump my Blackberry device long time ago.
  • My tickets and ID cards from events I attended in 2015. Pop concert, rave festivals, club events. Not only entertainment events, but also social events. Any kind of events. Proof that I watched something interesting and exciting in 2015.

I think only those 4 things. No more, no less. Looking at my simple list, I guess it will be nice and fun to reminisce the journey in 2015.

*Prompt 6 March: What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations? Time Capsule


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