Big Size Fashion Inspiration

As a curvy girl (no I’m not fat!), so hard for me to find clothes in my size. Often times, I like the style, but I can’t find my own size. Sometimes sad, but what can I do? Fashion industry sometimes can be discriminating to a girl with big size.

Since 2011, I found various online shop in Facebook that sell clothes in big size. Last year, I found that lots of blogger for big size fashion. Including Marie Denee.

In her blog, Marie shares lots on info about new fashion items, featured fellow big size fashion bloggers, and also opinion from men about big size women. All I can say, full package! I found various models of clothes and dresses that I can applied to my body.

Marie also give photo challenge, which I participated once. Fun challenge actually. For whole month, I posted pictures in Instagram in order to finish the challenge. My favorite in the blog, of course her writings.

From her writings, I can feel her independence and confident. She’s not afraid to express herself and make a statement through style. Marie break the stereotype of big size women. Being fashionable is the right of every women, including those with big size like me.

Thanks to her, I’m not afraid to explore new style that suits me. I know, I need to write this in her style. No matter how hard I try, I can’t capture her writing style. She’s too stylish and fashionable for me hehehe. Not to mention, witty 🙂

I love you, Marie Denee!

*Prompt 5 March: Write a post about anything you’d like — in the style of your favorite blogger. (Be sure to link to them!) Imitation/Flattery


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